Best digital camera for kids: Olympus Tough TG-6

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While Olympus can’t officially call Tough TG-6 child-proof, it’s waterproof to a depth of 50 feet, can survive a 7-foot drop, and will even withstand 200 pounds of pressure. Your child can drop him in the tub, throw him down the stairs, or run him over in his Tonka truck, and the TG-6 will continue to run. This is not designed to be a child’s camera, but it will do the job.

The TG-6 is almost as simple as point-and-shoot, but it has some powerful and fun features hidden under the surface in case you want to use it yourself. The 25-100mm lens offers a decent zoom range and a truly impressive macro mode for detailed close-ups. The light painting mode is ideal for camping trips and provides entertainment for creative youngsters armed with flashlights. The camera can even shoot in RAW, though its tiny sensor certainly won’t keep up with the image quality of the other cameras on this list. For travel and vacations, it has built-in GPS with geotagging and location logging capabilities that can create a map of your adventure visible in the Olympus Image Track app.

The TG-6 doesn’t have many improvements over the Tough TG-5, but when you can find the TG-5 for sale, it’s actually not cheaper. And of course, most smartphones have some degree of weather resistance these days, and with a decent case they can even survive a good drop, but why risk damaging your phone when there are cameras like the TG- 6?


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